Welcome to Broadlands, VA, a charming and dynamic community nestled in the heart of Loudoun County. Known for its harmonious blend of modern amenities and natural beauty, Broadlands offers an ideal setting for families and individuals seeking a balanced, enriching lifestyle.

The Genesis of Broadlands

In the lush landscapes of Eastern Loudoun County, Broadlands began its journey in the 1990s. Developed by Van Metre Homes, this community was envisioned to coexist with its natural surroundings, offering residents a unique living experience. From its humble beginnings, Broadlands has grown into a thriving community, boasting a population of over 13,000 residents.

Broadlands Today – A Community of Vibrant Living

Diversity in housing is a hallmark of Broadlands. Here, you can find a range of options from cozy townhomes to luxurious single-family houses, catering to diverse preferences and needs. The Broadlands Association, Inc., ensures that every corner of the neighborhood is well-cared for, contributing to its welcoming atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the community spirit with numerous parks, community pools, and events like the Broadlands Live! Concert Series.

Education – A Commitment to Excellence

Broadlands prides itself on its educational offerings. With schools like Hillside Elementary, Mill Run Elementary, and Eagle Ridge Middle School, your children have access to some of the best education in the region. Briar Woods High School, known for its excellence, is where young minds are nurtured for future success.

Location and Accessibility

Strategically located, Broadlands provides easy access to Washington, D.C., Dulles International Airport, and historic Leesburg. This prime location offers the perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility.

Lifestyle and Recreation – A Blend of Nature and Fun

Broadlands is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. The community is laced with trails and parks, perfect for a morning jog or a family hike. The social calendar is filled with events and activities, ensuring that there’s always something exciting for every member of the family.

Home Prices – Your Dream Home Within Reach

When it comes to purchasing a home, Broadlands offers competitive pricing in the Northern Virginia real estate market. The average home price in Broadlands is around $569,800, offering a range of options from luxurious estates to more affordable family homes. This price point reflects the quality of life and amenities available in the community, making it a wise investment for potential homeowners.

The Spirit of Broadlands – Where Neighbors Become Friends

Broadlands isn’t just about the houses; it’s about the people who make up this vibrant community. Here, you'll find a neighborhood where friendships flourish and a sense of belonging is inherent. The active homeowners association plays a pivotal role in fostering this tight-knit community through various events and programs.

The Future of Broadlands – Sustainability and Growth

Looking ahead, Broadlands continues to evolve with a focus on sustainable living and community development. New housing projects and eco-friendly initiatives ensure that Broadlands remains a desirable and progressive place to live.


Broadlands, VA, is more than just a location; it’s a lifestyle choice. This community, with its perfect blend of education, natural beauty, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, is an ideal place to call home. Whether you're a young professional, raising a family, or looking for a peaceful retirement, Broadlands has something for everyone. Visit and experience the magic of Broadlands – a community where life is in perfect balance.

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