Loudoun County Top Headlines as we wrap up the 1st quarter of 2024:

  1. Loudoun Housing Market on Fire! Houses in Sterling, Leesburg, and everywhere in Loudoun are selling way above asking price. This is great news if you already own a home, but not so much if you're trying to buy your first place. (H/T Refin)

  2. Loudoun: Honeycomb of Opportunity! Loudoun County is the king (or queen) bee of honey production in Virginia, and agriculture is booming overall. (H/T Loudoun County). We have definitely see this occur as we have gone to a few farms in Loudoun and purchased pure honey; so darn good in coffee!!

  3. Launch Loudoun: Blast Off for Small Businesses! This program is here to help small businesses in Loudoun County grow and innovate. Think of it like a rocket pack for your local coffee shop or that cool clothing store downtown. (H/T Loudoun County). There are some great opportunities in Loudoun, especially with all of the infrastructure buildout going on in the area.

  4. Loudoun Wants to Help Minority-Owned Businesses Thrive! They're offering special programs to level the playing field and give all businesses a fair shot at success. (H/T Loudoun County)

  5. Loudoun County: Number One in Awesomeness! Loudoun County just crushed it on a bunch of rankings, from best-educated workforce to safest place to live in the whole National Capital Region (that's a fancy way of saying the D.C. area). The schools in Loudoun, both public and private, are some of the best in the state and region.

  6. Loudoun: High-Tech Hub AND Great Place to Live! Not only is Loudoun County attracting big companies like data centers and cybersecurity firms, but it's also a great place to raise a family or start a new chapter in your life. With the ever expanding Federal Government, more opportunities are moving out to Loudoun and its smart, diverse workforce.

  7. Loudoun's Economy: A Jobs Machine! Loudoun County keeps bringing in new businesses and investment, which means more jobs for everyone. This is especially good news for folks interested in fields like data centers and keeping our information safe.