Are you curious about the Loudoun County Real Estate market?  

You might be a current homeowner or you might be considering making a move to Loudoun County.  If so, then there is good news for you in terms of the growth and opportunities in the Loudoun County Real Estate market.


Some quick facts regarding the real estate market:

  • Median sales prices have gone up for the last 10 months thru June 2016
  • Half of the homes sold this past June were sold in 13 days or less
  • Housing inventory is down 16.5% from this time last year
  • Current inventory at 3.5 months (sellers' market)

Below are the trends June 2016 median sales prices by zip codes:

With these facts, there are some strong trends in Loudoun County real estate market.  This is great news for homeowners - there is strong demand for real estate which in turn helps driven median sales prices higher.  This helps whether selling their home or looking to realize additional equity in their homes.

But is this good for people looking to buy a home in Loudoun County?  

...a resounding...YES!

The current market in Loudoun County will continue to be strong for both current home buyers and sellers.  There is so much additional growth to occur in this County that if you are looking to buy a home - it is still a great time.  Why am I convinced the market will continue to rise?

  • Silver Line Metro coming to Loudoun County in 2019 which will give a boost to homeowners
  • Federal Government is continuing to grow out of control which means more Federal workers demanding more housing = higher home prices
  • Regional market will continue to be steady as our economic base is the Federal Government which will continue to grow
  • Businesses will continue to move out to Loudoun county because of the Silver Line metro, great school system, proximity to Dulles airport, and convenient to down town DC

If you are interested in Loudoun County Real Estate - take the plunge!

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